We stock new, high quality, commonly requested consumables for Heidelberg printing presses. Check our list.

Bestseller: Metric Hose

Don’t settle for an imperial sized, after-market inferior quality hose available from any local hose supplier. Replace your defective hose with the same original hose used by the press manufacturer. Since these hoses are a consumable item they are not part of any service contract. Keep some on hand so that press operators can replace it themselves saving you valuable downtime and labour costs.

Commonly Requested Consumables

  • Air filters
  • Dampening rollers
  • Delivery suction tapes
  • Drive diaphragms
  • Feeder tapes
  • Ink foils
  • Ink fountain end blocks
  • Ink rollers
  • IR lamps
  • Metric hose
  • O-rings
  • Pneumatic hose, connectors and fittings
  • Standard and UV grease
  • Suckers
  • Tessamol tape
  • UV lamps
  • Water filters

Parts to Have on Hand

Operators can replace many basic parts themselves. By keeping a supply of the following on hand, you can save your press from costly downtime.


  1. Suckers
  2. UV lamps
  3. IR lamps
  4. Metric hose
  5. Pneumatic parts
  6. Air filters
  7. Water filters
“When I need factory original spare parts JTT Pressworks is my provider of choice.  They understand that machine uptime is vitally important for us and keep a variety of critical parts in stock along with an excellent service team to get our machines up and running as quickly as possible.”
Michael Burke

Maintenance Manager, Westrock MPS

Keep your presses running.